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Keepin' It Real Poetry/ Rap
by Jessica Marie Motherway

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This book is a journey of my trials, tribulations, and success. It is a book of my healing. I was in foster care, and adopted by the parents from hell. I was physically, mentally,and sexually abused. So I was always looking for love in all the wrong places. School kid acted like my friend and sold me to trafficker, at age eleven. Feds came in only for me to find myself homeless at 13. I raised myself until I met my now husband. I still was in my active addiction, for my traffickers shot us up with drugs, until I was 31, where I found recovery and a better life. At 16 my ex threw me off a ten story building where I landed on 7th floor on my head. Dr said they are surprised I didn't break my neck. Because of this I have gram Mal seizures. I however am a survivor, and a warrior to all those still suffering.

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bound: 32 pages
publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (March 9, 2017)
lang: English
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Jessica Marie Motherway
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Jessica Marie Motherway

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